Hess Law Firm Teams with John J. Pembroke & Associates

Hess Law Firm Teams with…

Matthew R. Hess is proud to announce that, as of July, 2017, Hess Law Firm has merged with the firm of John J. Pembroke & Associates, a limited liability company of attorneys located in Park Ridge, Illinois.

The Pembroke law firm is comprised of a dedicated team of attorneys and paraprofessionals who focus their practice on estate planning, probate, tax, and corporate law. Individuals, small businesses and large corporations have turned to the firm for its experience, knowledge and skill for more than 30 years. Mr. Hess is proud to be working with such a dedicated and experienced team of professionals. He will now be able to utilize the firm's resources to provide an elevated level of legal service to his clients throughout Illinois. Whether you need help building an estate plan, financial planning, probate litigation or more comprehensive tax or business law matters, Mr. Hess and the Pembroke law firm will provide you with the advice and service you expect from high-caliber attorneys.

The firm concentrates on the preservation, protection, and implementation of wealth and assets, guiding them through the process of estate and trust administration and counseling them when disputes arise after death. The firm also shepherds startup businesses through initial investment to later expansion and as well as advising clients on the unique issues concerning family businesses.

John J. Pembroke & Associates focuses on carefully listening to clients' situations before personalizing a strategy to meet their unique needs and goals. This is exactly the type of service that Mr. Hess strives to provide, and it is why he is excited to join the team.

Learn more about John J. Pembroke & Associates by clicking here.

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