Small Business General Counsel Program

If you own a small or medium-sized business, you know how challenging it can be to deal with legal problems that arise from time to time without having the luxury of in-house legal department. Hess Law Firm understands these challenges, and with its Small Business General Counsel program it is able to provide advice and guidance regarding the formation, operation and succession of your small business.

You fill many roles as a business owner: chief executive officer, chief financial officer, head of marketing. You shouldn’t be your own legal counsel as well. With Hess Law Firm’s Small Business General Counsel program, you have access to your own general counsel anytime you need it, day or night, for a flat monthly rate. Hess Law Firm becomes an extension of your business, and takes the time to learn all about your plan and objectives.

Business Formation and Operation

If you are just starting your business, that is the perfect time to establish a General Counsel relationship. Attorney Matthew R. Hess will help you determine what type of organizational structure would best suit your business, whether it be a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), general partnership or sole proprietorship, and he will draft the necessary documents to officially launch your business.

Once up and running, you will likely encounter legal issues on a regular basis that should demand the attention of a skilled attorney. These issues may include negotiating, preparing and reviewing vendor contracts or employment agreements; drafting policies and procedures; applying for trademark or copyright protection; and maintaining corporate records and filing annual reports with the Secretary of State. Finding a separate attorney to address an issue each time something comes up would be a time consuming and expensive endeavor, and small businesses lack the resources (or need) to employ a full-time lawyer. By enrolling in Hess Law Firm’s Small Business General Counsel program, you will have your own on-call legal department to consult with whenever one of these issues may come up.


The Small Business General Counsel program starts at $750 per month. Once enrolled, you will have access to attorney Matthew R. Hess to answer questions, conduct research, review or draft contracts and provide advice and guidance on potential disputes that may lead to litigation for five (5), ten (10) or fifteen (15) hours per month. Our goal is to develop and maintain a long-term, trusted relationship with each of our business clients and to tailor our engagement to meet your specific needs so that we can provide the highest level of legal services at an affordable, predictable rate.

If you are a business owner in need of an outside general counsel, click here to contact Hess Law Firm to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Business Litigation

Litigation services are not included in the Small Business General Counsel program, but in today’s litigious climate businesses often find themselves wrapped up in lawsuits. With more than fifteen (15) years of trial court experience, attorney Matthew R. Hess is a skilled advocate who can defend your business against baseless suits or pursue damages from those who have wrongfully caused damages to your business.

Business Succession Planning

Hess Law Firm also offers advice and guidance on business succession planning. Much like estate planning, business succession planning involves preparing the documents necessary to transition the ownership of your business from on person (or people) to others. Whether you want to keep your business inside the family for the next generation or sell the business for a profit, Hess Law Firm will help you develop the right strategy to accomplish your goals and minimize income, gift and estate tax consequences.

Mr. Hess works with small and medium-sized businesses from the entire Chicagoland area, and throughout Illinois. Contact Hess Law Firm today to discuss all of the ways in which Mr. Hess can help you launch or protect your small business.